Thursday, July 22, 2010

Oriental Parade

Another total renovation project, plus new double garaging with a deck over. A stones throw from Oriental Parade.
The location of the this property alone puts it into the $1.5million dollar + bracket ... (before reno's). Apon completion this home will have 4bedr'ms, master with ensuite, new kitchens (1 up 1 down), a downstairs bathroom, and loads of storage space, including a new double garage and deck over. Studs heights are 3.0m and 2.9m. Views towards the city and pavillion make this an attractive location with loads of sun.
Under the Building Act 2004 Building Consents for 'Alterations' work can only be given if the LTA (Local Territorial Authority) is satified that the building will comply 'as nearly as reasonably practical' to the New Zealand Building code and to at least the same extent as before the Alteration. To read the Building Act 2004 (reprinted 7July2010) online go here.